Bay Islands Community Centre

Jackson Road Russell Island

Every Sunday 10:00am

Everyone Welcome

Free bus pickup available for Sunday services

9am Tuesdays "Gateway Prayer" Bay Islands Community Centre

9am to 11am Wednesday "Harbour Kids Music Time" Debbie Rasmussen 0468388062

Safe Harbour Community Care ( and emergency food bank) Glenda Linskey 0401259806

Safe Harbour Mens Group 0418182648

Ladies K.Y.B. Study Group Pastor Margarita Brogden 0438182648

Ladies Craft Group Margarita 0438182648


Devoted to raising people to God's potential, extending the Kingdom of God and enjoying the journey together.  
Senior Pastors-- Frederick and Margarita Brogden Membership Covenant
Phone 0418182648 or 0438182648  
PO Box 11 Russell Island 4184 Queensland. VIDEO
  International Network of Churches
DONATIONS:- -- BSB 704024 --A/C 010000300 ABN-- 79400419737202

Safe Harbour Family Church supports the Chaplin of the Russell Island and Macleay Island State Schools.

To Donate To Russell Island State School Chaplaincy CLICK HERE

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